Different Profiles, Same Passion..

Fundamental driver training with two drivers who have very different ages and profiles but are sharing the same commitment and passion!
Rally Pilot Yağız Avcı

Alp Özkaya is a 17 years old simracer who had contacted us for real life driving and racing and we have decided to support him as much as we can. In his first experience with real cars he had showed great talent especially in adaptation and fast learning departments. He is growing quickly and showing very good signs for the future.

Ogün Okat on the other hand is a very late starter to motorsports at the age of 49 and made his debut in 2021 with rallying. He is a very ambitious, commited and smart person and he is a quick learner as well. We have done some fundamental driving sessions to built the basics and develop step by step. In 2022 he opted not to race and only to be prepared for 2023 season in which he will drive a Hyundai R5 rally car.

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