Title Transfer Accomplished!

I have recently lost my ''Youngest Champion'' title to Ali Türkkan but i am happy :)

First Rally Season for 2 Youngsters!

Four friends in two Fiat cars had been rivals until the end of their first rally seasons..

17 Years Old Talent On His Way Up!

Sadi Ünver did very well with his raw talent and in his day view season with a real car..

Testing & Driving With Talented Romanian Friend!

Good vibes and a positive day with Andrei Girtofan prior to his gravel rallies..

Driver Training & Testing with MRF Tyres Romania!

Second day of the Romania trip is again with a similar car and MRF Tyres but with a less experienced driver..

Special Female Driver Kübra Knows No Obstacles!

Spinal cord injury has not been able to stop her from following her dreams..

Muddy Experience for 18 Years Old Alp!

Finally a gravel/mud driving experience for the young driver candidate..

New Young Driver in Rally Stages!

From circuits to rally stages, 24 years old rookie driver Fatih Selim Göçer has a good potential to be a very good rally driver..

Welcome To FIAT Rally Cars!

These cars are one of the best options for driver training and base level rallying..

Full Season Work With Rally2/R5 newcomer!

Stepping up the ladder quite quickly, in his third season, we will try to adapt Efe Ünver to faster machinery..

High Level Engineer Support for Hyundai R5 and The Basics For Its New Driver!

Having developed good connections through years, it is important to have top people by your side..

Full Season Work With Masters Cup & Rally3 Class Driver!

Pacenotes and driving work for Levent Şapçılar within full 2023 season which has started well with a 2nd place in Masters Cup..

Training With Different Type of Young Drivers!

Working with young drivers is a pleasure and they each are very talented with different styles and ambitions..

Very Promising National Top Level Debut & Excellent Season Finale For Ali Türkkan!

In his debut season with an R5 rally car, he learned a lot and did very well against his very experienced competitors, ended up with a rally victory. Silver Medal in an International competition as well!

Full Season Work With Experienced Driver Sabri Ünver!

We have started to work from the beginning of 2022, in his second season in an R5 rally car, he delivered well..

Different Profiles, Same Passion..

Fundamental driver training with two drivers who have very different ages and profiles but are sharing the same commitment and passion!

Real Rally Car Experience for Toygun!

Top experience for the young driver with 60 km of driving and adapting a top spec car! An off track experience at the end as well..

New Young Driver In Progress!

We have recently started working with 16 years old Toygun Çakal who had zero driving experience and now manages to do lap times that are close to top!

FIA European Rally Trophy Winners 2021!

Full season coaching with Turkish driver Mustafa Çakal in his GP Garage run Hyundai İ20 R5 resulted with FIA European Rally Trophy title!

Successful International Season For Young Driver Ali Türkkan!

Started his rally career together in 2019, in his 2nd full season he clinched the category titles in FIA European and Balkan trophies.

Türkiye Rallisi’ne Red Bull ve Yağız Avcı imzası!

WRC3 kategorisinde yarışan Red Bull sporcusu Yağız Avcı bu kategoride üçüncü olurken yapılan 2 yarışı da kazanarak Türkiye Ralli Şampiyonası’nda 1. Olmayı başardı.

Rally Turkey: En Hızlı Türk Pilotu Yağız Avcı

Rally Turkey'de en hızlı Türk pilotu WRC3'te podyum yapan Yağız Avcı oldu.