Full Season Work With Experienced Driver Sabri Ünver!

We have started to work from the beginning of 2022, in his second season in an R5 rally car, he delivered well..
Rally Pilot Yağız Avcı

Sabri Ünver is an experienced rally driver who stopped driving after 2014 season and had made a comeback in 2021 with driving a Ford R5 rally car. For 2022 season he changed his car to Skoda R5 and from the beginning of this season we have started to work together. We have followed a tailor made driving for him that we completely built from scratch and worked a lot on pacenotes. Despite not being a young driver, he adopted and able to apply very well. To develop continuously and setting good results with a much safer driving was the target and in my opinion we have reached it for now but there is more to come.

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