High Level Engineer Support for Hyundai R5 and The Basics For Its New Driver!

Having developed good connections through years, it is important to have top people by your side..
Rally Pilot Yağız Avcı

Ogün Okat, an inexperienced driver in rallying, only in his second season and to take on the challenge for newly formed Masters Cup, he decided to switch from 2wd to 4wd top car and it is a Hyundai i20 R5. To perform with these cars is a challenge. We have already done basic driving work, testing and pacenotes work with Ogün but to enhance his connection with the car and to understand better of its dynamics and his driving, it is important to have a top engineer. As a result of a connection with Stephane Sarrazin and his team Sarrazin Motorsport, we have been able to have 'Jess', the top class engineer who has worked with top drivers and in top teams. All these combinations had resulted with a good development during the first rally and 3rd place in Masters Cup.

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