Real Rally Car Experience for Toygun!

Top experience for the young driver with 60 km of driving and adapting a top spec car! An off track experience at the end as well..
Rally Pilot Yağız Avcı

16 years old driver Toygun had the opportunity to try a top spec rally car on track and i was on the right seat to try to make his adaptation quicker. New generation is learning faster even if Toygun is not so much a driving simulator guy. Driving this kind of a car is so much different to a normal car and he mainly adapted well and did clean runs with good pace. It was a challenging and nervous experience for me as well as we didn't have the communication tools inside the car so using my hands to communicate was a challenge. He did about 60 km of driving with quick learning and adaptation, upped his pace as well. For sure mistakes can easily happen in this kind of driving and even so with less experience, so as a result he also experienced an off track situation but it is an important experience as well to learn from it and to see the safety elements compared to normal life driving.

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